Delta 8 Re-imagined Delta 8 Re-imagined



KYLE’s Full Spectrum Delta 8 distillate is the highest quality and purest most potent distillate. Extracted from the purest 100% organic Hemp, this whole plant extract contains a full spectrum of naturally occurring cannabinoids and terpenes that work synergistically to provide the full “Halo effect” of experiences in the brain and body. You will receive positive therapeutic results from this distillate as well as a euphoric feeling leaving you happy and satiated.

Full Spectrum
Light Weight Powerful Potent

This pen has been reimagined to bring you a fantastic vape experience: from the micro-USB cable that will recharge your device quickly so you can vape all of the juice in your cart, to the preheating button that will pre-heat your coil for you, to the ergonomic design of the device that is easy to hold, sleek, and has a gorgeous aluminum finish that is eye catching.

Our device is revolutionary because it includes a pre-heat button. Since Delta 8 liquid is normally very thick in order to preserve its potency, the preheating of the compound is critical to preserve your device’s longevity - the pre-heating will allow for the liquid to move through the coil without clogging the device and creating what is known commonly as coil gunk.

One other thing to note, is that in colder weather the e-liquid could harden and pre-heating the liquid is critical before use. Simply press the button and wait a few seconds and the device will do the work for you.