KYLÉ THC Something Relaxing
GG4 & Mango

Flavor Description: This is the perfect choice when you need a little help winding down at the end of a long day. The flavor is a not so subtle darkness coming from vaping pen, that slides in your body on a sweet mango flavor wave.

  • GG4 + Mango
  • GG4: Supreme Award Winning Hybrid
  • Strong Euphoria
  • Heavy Handed Relaxation
  • Earthy + Sour + Fruity
  • 60+ Puffs

A potent earthy and sour aroma, combined with the Mango flavor is a unique taste and smell profile that will leave you craving more.

All KYLE THC products are made from live resin, extracted from the highest quality of fresh frozen whole plants. Formulated with derived terpenes to create an unforgettable experience. KYLE THC live resin provides a true flower profile enhanced with all natural botanically derived flavors. Experience the benefits of the strain specific profiles with the highest quality flavor to feel the effect.

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